My Travels in France

France is one of my favorite places to travel to. It has everything you could want in a trip: metropolises, beaches, countryside, fabulous food and wine, a great night scene, fantastic shopping, culture, and history. Every time I return, there is more to see and explore.

You cannot get bored in France because the country has just too much to offer. I’ve traveled to France a couple times as part of larger Europe trips, but my favorite experience in France was when I took a whole trip devoted to France. I had two whole weeks to experience the country and it was great because I had the time to really explore all of France.

I flew to Paris first and spent four days in the city of lights. Four days ended up being the perfect amount of time to spend in this great city where you could easily spend months exploring all it has to offer. But since I had many other places to visit on my trip, four days ended up being a great amount of time to see all the main sights and even a few less known attractions as well.

I started my Paris tour with the ‘Tour of Illuminations’ which shows all of the main sights all lit up for night. I also visited the louvre, the arc de triumphe, and walked along the river seine. I also made a trip to my favorite, the Notre Dame Cathedral. I also visited the castle of Versailles.

I had never had the opportunity in previous trips to visit the famous castle, so I was excited to see it. I got to tour the grounds, and also receive a guided tour of the former royal family’s luxurious living quarters.

Mont Blanc in franceNext, I traveled through the scenic wine producing regions of Burgundy and Chablis. I got to go on a vineyard tour and wine tasting which is a must when traveling through France’s wine country. From there, I went on to the Chamonix, Mont Blanc, the world famous mountaineering center and Mecca for climbers and snow boarders. I took a cable-car excursion to the top of the heights of Mount Blanc. Once I reached the top, the view was absolutely breathtaking. My camera definitely got a workout as I took magnificent pictures of the surrounding Alps and ice caves.

Another great stop on my trip was to the French Riviera and the stunning Cote d’Azur. The beautiful blue waters and palm tree lined streets of Nice were beautiful. While here, I took a tour of a perfumery to learn how perfume is made. I also visited a couple of the great markets to have a picnic on the beach. I spent a couple of days just lazing out on the beautiful beaches and working on my tan. I also made my way into a few of the chic shops.

From there, I moved onto Provence where I finished my trip. The fields in Provence were pretty as they were filled with lavender, sunflowers, and wild herbs. From Provence, I took a long scenic drive back up to Paris to depart back home. It was a beautiful and relaxing trip that I hope to do again later in my life.

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